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50 years of experience
in industrial chemical
etching of flat glass.
50 years is an important milestone, above all because we’re the only company in the world that can boast such long experience in this sector. It was Vitrealspecchi, in fact, from 1965 onwards, that introduced processes for satin-finishing and etching large plates of glass, by developing certain old artisanal glass working techniques for industrial scale production. Three years later we registered Madras® as our trademark, which is still used on our production at international level. It’s a guarantee of quality, creativity, innovation and service.
Our production processes – located exclusively in Italy and fully in line with European environmental legislation – have been perfected and diversified over the years to create a range of functional and decorative products that few can rival.
They enable us to transform factory produced float glass - monolithic, laminated, silvered or lacquered – into a prestige material for architecture and design.
Industrial satin finishing and etching in fact make it possible to obtain a product that is incomparably superior to traditional sanded glass in terms of quality, volumes, times and costs, and ease of maintenance. “Satinato” glass (as it was immediately called in Vitrealspecchi) was seen as a small but real revolution on account of its compact and uniform surface: pleasing to touch, fingerprint resistant and easy to clean.
Such innovative characteristics created a wide market for applications in sectors like building, windows and doors, showers and furnishing in general.
Our direct clients, all over the world, are leading transformers of flat glass, to which we supply standard size plates that then undergo all the secondary processes, such as tempering, laminating, and so on, indispensable for installation in conformity with technical specifications.
But none of this is news to those who’ve come to know us at any time in the last 50 years.
In the photo: architect Giò Ponti at a presentation of Madras® products in Milan in 1970 (Vitrealspecchi photo archive).