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LED effect Madras®
Discover how LED lighting can make every Madras® product spectacular and create magical scenarios.
Designed by architect Silvio De Ponte for Vitrealspecchi at Connessioni/Connections (Fuori Salone 2016), the Metropolis concept reveals new applications for Madras® glass with highly scenographic effects thanks to the interaction between the glass and the LEDs.
Diffused LED lighting from inside the glass, in fact, enhances the surfaces – whether etched or satin-finished – and makes even the tiniest pinpoints, patterns and decorative motifs spectacular.
The choice of the glass colour is important here: to obtain maximum light transmission it’s best to use extra-clear glass.
Lastly, the useful range of lighting depends on its intensity, which mustn’t be too high, especially in the case of transparent glass, because it would highlight impurities in the material that are normally invisible. The most balanced solution is the best one and needs to be identified on a case basis, depending on the environment in which the glass is used and the distance from which it will be observed: an interior wall will require lighting different from that of a parapet. Madras® once again makes a spectacle of itself.
LED effect Madras® glass